Friday, February 11, 2011

Blog Update

Specifically to my grandma, who sent me the following email:
"Hi Adult Girl,

What’s going on….I miss your blog….don’t know what you are doing or how your job is going …don’t know anything.

Give me a holler or a send me a note.

Love you much.


Basically, for the moment, work can blow me. Ive been working entirely too much. I've also been getting fed 3 meals a day like one was fattening a christmas ham so that I will not have to take a break to think about food. I'm also being provided free red bulls. I'm averaging about 3 per day and that is after my morning 3-4 shot latte. One day, I worked for 22 hours. So yeah, not only do I not have time to blog for those of you who have ample time to workout, read the paper leisurely with your coffee and check out all your buddies' blogs, but also, and quite sadly, I have nothing interesting to say.

My blog from yesterday to today would sound like this:
Eat Banana and Drink Coffee (0.1); Dress (0.3); Travel to Work (0.5); Work (13.4); Chug Old Fashioned (0.4); Travel from Work (0.4); Take Shower (0.2); Watch episode of Californication (Season 3, ep. 1)(0.5); Fall asleep (0.4); Actually sleep (7.0). And, by comparison, I'd scale that as a good day.

And continuing on to today: 7 am. blackberry dinging about some sort of emergency. No time for banana or coffee. Grab juice and run out the door. Get to the Muni station where a train has derailed. See people on stretchers? or am I just seeing things? No time to help. Board train to go to work, while reading law review article. Wonder if I remembered to put on deoderant. I'm wearing too many layers to check. Arrive at work. Finish memo. 10 am. Drink coffee. Eat apple. Cant remember the last time I washed my jeans. I think they kind of smell. Respond to Shanley's FB request for a blog. End blog. Start memo.

An even sadder part is I extracted 90% of this blog from my own facebook comment because I dont have time to write anything else.

Mo' money Mo' problems.


  1. This is downright depressing.

  2. ohh meg! hope you catch a breather soon. if this is the rate you're going a week from MUST find a way to leave work early!go dance it all off somewhere awesome and then treat yourself to a spa night or something...

    hang in there mck